Ain’t no thing

rl boys

“I didn’t set out to be the first openly gay athlete in a major American team sport. But since I am, I’m happy to start the conversation.” Jason Collins

For people who don’t see the Washington Wizard’s center’s coming out as courageous, they obviously 1) don’t have any gay friends 2)  have never been in the minority, marginalized, or bullied and 3) have never stood up for something that’s right but not necessarily popular.

I applaud the people who are applauding him.

That includes my husband. But his support is more of the “I don’t see what the big deal is” accompanied by a shoulder shrug. (To clarify, that’s “big deal” about him being a gay NBA player, not about him coming out.)

Being married to me, the member of cabaret group in which all of the guys except for one prefer dudes to chicks, he’s gotten used to it. It just ain’t no thing anymore.

Last Saturday, we went out to dinner with another couple. We brought *wine for the ladies and beer for the men, shared family style meals, walked to an ice cream shop for dessert, and then hopped in a cab and met friends downtown. (*My friend’s words, not mine.)

Yeah, you guessed it. The two people we dined with were both dudes. What was important was that they were our friends; people with whom we enjoy laughs and good conversation (and booze…duh).

My husband never raised an eyebrow at the planning of our date night, nor did he bat at eye when the topics of fitting in sex and raising kids came up.

And at his next NBA fantasy draft, he’ll choose his team based on the best players, not on their sexual orientation.

How long until the gay issue ain’t no thing for all Americans?

Stay social, mom friends.


4 thoughts on “Ain’t no thing

  1. Cheers, friend! How long until it ain’t no thing indeed! I hate that people are so discriminatory and you are 100% correct that if they are, we should assume they’ve never been in a minority group, bullied, or stood up for something that’s right but not popular. I love this post. I wrote one fairly recently called “God loves gay people” because I find it sad that people use religion to say that it’s wrong. Ugh.

    Equality for ALL! And you are awesome!

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