You are more _____ than you think

rl girls

Sorry, gents. This post is for the lay-dehz. Well, fine. It can apply to you if you’re having a fat day.

I assume that most have seen the Dove campaign. It really is eye-opening.

Several posts I’ve read speak to women’s body image issues:

This weekend, I have a good friend’s bachelorette party. There will be approximately 15 females in attendance. How many self-deprecating comments will I hear? And why is it that whenever we receive a compliment, we feel obliged to sabotage it?

  • Oo, your makeup is pretty! Really? I wish Zitty McPimplestein had stayed home.
  • Your hair looks so good! What? Fizzball central?
  • Those jeans are cute! Ugh- they barely fit over my uni-thigh.

Uni-thighs aside, it’s hard to say “thank you.” Why? Didn’t our mothers teach us manners? While they did, they probably did not model for us (pun intended) how to love our looks.

As a mom, I need to praise my body in front of my son. Most people probably think it’s more important for moms of daughters to have positive self-talk. But it’s equally crucial for my lil’ man. He’s going to grow up to be a big man one day, and I want him to appreciate a lady’s curves, to like her straight (not boring) hair, and to love her smile sans makeup. My son already thinks I’m the most beautiful woman in the world. Let’s keep the trend going.

As a wife, I need to accentuate my token features. You know if your guy’s a butt guy or a boobs guy. So what if it’s Tuesday night? I was in yoga pants all day and I know my butt looks damn good in those pants, so I’m gonna wear them for the two hours between dinner and L’s bedtime. Hopefully they’ll come off around 7:05…wink wink 😉

As a woman, I need to pay it forward. If a girlfriend compliments me, I say “thank you.” No exceptions. And then I respond with a compliment for her. Think how much more positive the vibe would be at a girls’ outing if we all resolved to start the conversation with a compliment.


I am more sexy than I think. Now it’s your turn to fill in the blank:

I am more _____ than I think.

Stay social, mom friends.


11 thoughts on “You are more _____ than you think

  1. Amen sister!! I absolutely have to stop using the F word and have resolved to never (hopefully) use it once I have children….that is not something I want to pass on. We have enough body image issues to combat in society, we need to realize how beautiful we are and raise each other up!

  2. I love this post. While I have issues with the Dove video, I love the overall message. I do what you wrote about ALL THE TIME. Just yesterday someone complimented me on my outfit and I pointed out my pimple, lol. I think people are also afraid of sounding conceited or full of themselves. This is a particularly hard exercise for me to do. I am more assertive than I think.

    • Your comments are great, Nikki. I downplay people’s compliments too, probably thinking I might sound conceited. But when I think about it, I’m not the one making the observation (or even agreeing); I’m just saying thank you.
      Kids just bring out our assertiveness. Do they not? 🙂

  3. This is so unbelievably true! As women, we want our guys (or friends) complimenting us, but then feel uncomfortable when they do… My comment is always, “… I don’t take compliments well…”… Why not?! I think it’s so amazing everything you are teaching Logan. It’s such a wonderful role model for future mothers. I am more deserving than I think.

  4. I love the Dove video. It was my first time seeing it and it is a wonderful message!! A couple of years ago I started avoiding “negative self talk”. It has been a great change for me!
    I am stronger then think!!

  5. I completely agree with you P! I think it is so amazing what you are teaching Logan. You are being a wonderful role model, and you also bring up such a great point for all women. It is so hard sometimes to focus on what’s good about ourselves – our appearance, our personality, etc. but it is so important to do so….and especially important to teach our children as well : ) I too sometimes feel uncomfortable when people give me a compliment, but next time I will just say…thank you!! I am more confident than I think!

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