Stupid ways I’ve spent money


I just went out to a really nice Valentine’s dinner with my husband…and I’m pissed. Before we go there, yes- I’m aware that it’s February 27, almost two weeks after Valentine’s Day. We waited until today because my mom was coming into town, so we’d save money on a babysitter. We also bought a Groupon to use so that we’d save money on this outing.

To be clear, I’m not pissed at my husband. The beef is with myself for overspending…and possibly overeating. As the stay-at-home mom/wife, we’ve decided that I’m in charge of most expenses. So, when I spend $30 for $60 worth of food on a Groupon, and then we pay $75 more out of pocket, plus $30 in cab, I feel like a failure. $135 is just not the deal I was going for… Below are five stupid ways I’ve spent money. Believe me, there are way more than five. Continue reading

Staying Social=Staying Sane


As my first blog post, I’m assuming that no one will read this…ok, my mom will, and my husband will be a good sport and pretend he read it.

Mom: Can’t you write more often? I so enjoy reading your stuff!
Hubby: Can’t you write more often? I have sooo much free time to read your stuff.
To the reader: You can guess which one is dripping with sarcasm.

But the reason my husband doesn’t have time to read this (damn- I gave it away!) is because we’re both social butterflies. Before our lil’ man arrived 19+ months ago, we made a pact that we would not be hermits, and that we would maintain a social life.

6 WAYS WE STAY SANE: Continue reading